NEW MARCH Mulai Rp.150.800.000,-

Fasionably Smart  New March           Color Versions On The Road SAFETY Get Inside

NEW EVALIA Mulai Rp.160.500.000,-

Happiness, Just A Slide Away New Evalia   YOUR COLOR On The Road Get Inside

NEW GRAND LIVINA Mulai Rp.183.950.00,-

Elevate Your Advanced Comfort ALL NEW GRAND LIVINA   PLIHAN WARNA Versions NEW GRAND LIVINA On the Road         Get Inside  

NEW LIVINA X-GEAR Mulai Rp.199.950.000,-

Thrilling Adventure in Comfort ALL NEW LIVINA X-GEAR     5 WARNA PILIHAN ON THE ROAD Get Inside

NISSAN JUKE Mulai Rp.263.750.000,-

Definitely! Juke       YOUR JUKE COLOR On The Road Get Inside  

NISSAN XTRAIL 2012 Mulai Rp.341.500.000,-

The True SUV Xtrail 2012 Other colors available in Black Solid, Grey Metallic, Diamond Silver and Burning Red. For more information, please refer to the brochure.   On the Road . Get

NEW SERENA Mulai Rp.359.000.000,-

The Proven Advanced MPV All New Serena . . On the Road . Get Inside .

NEW NAVARA Mulai Rp.388.050.000,-

Drive The Art of Adventure New Navara . COLOR . On the Road ESport Version Saatnya merasakan sensasi petualangan berkendara yang tangguh. Safety penuh gaya serta dilengkapi dengan berbagai fitur modern dan

NEW TEANA Mulai Teana Rp.536.000.000,-

Premium Lounge In Motion All New Teana   COLOR . Technology Technology, and performance for your ultimate driving satisfaction. Get Inside

NEW ELGRAND Mulai Rp.880.000.000,-

Get Inside Comfort Ensures the highest degree of versatility and comfort possible to indulge your senses in every on-road cruise. Roominess A spacious cozy seven-seat layout cabin with generous legroom crafted for